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AI nano machines will repair our insides one day

AI Nanobots Implanted Into Body May Give Rise To Super humans

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The miniaturized scale and AI innovation, conceivably accessible in only 20 years, would be infused into individuals to settle bones, muscles and cells.That could incorporate spotting anomalies in the body's cells like growth and freeing them from the body.
And it could even lift our brains with bleeding edge PC AI innovation, enabling individuals to control their homes utilizing only their psyches
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The mind blowing claim was made by senior IBM pioneer John McNamara in confirmation to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee.He proposed researchers could even figure out how to "merge" people and machines together into a cyborg-style being.He stated: "We may see Artificial Intelligence nano-machines being infused into our bodies

"These will give enormous health advantages, for example, having the capacity to repair harm to cells, muscles and bones maybe even increase them."Beyond this, using AI innovation which is as of now being investigated today we see the formation of AI innovation that can merge the natural with the mechanical, as have the capacity to upgrade human subjective ability specifically, conceivably offering extraordinarily enhanced mental, and in addition having the capacity to use tremendous amounts of figuring energy to expand our own particular idea processes."Using this AI innovation, inserted in ourselves and in our environment, we will start to have the capacity to control our condition with thought and signals  as part of Artificial Intelligence
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Mr McNamara's claim comes following past expectations by specialists that people could converge with machines to wind up plainly a tip top race of cyborgs.Professor Brian Greene, a hypothetical physicist at Columbia University in New York City, said not long ago that the AI innovation could enable us to settle the secrets of the universe.He stated: "I figure my inclination is there are sure sections in the account of material with Artificial Intelligence science we will finish

"We'll really comprehend crucial powers and the fundamental elements of issue, and join every one of the conditions that portray quantum mechanics and gravity into some sort of brought together theory."Einstein comes and gives us general relativity in 1915, and with it, another depiction of gravity."Now we can address inquiries of the birthplace of the universe