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Build Your Own AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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You could create artificial intelligence by Dot Net That there are many programming languages ​​that can be used the use of traditional programming languages ​​in which the self-call processing feature is available, and also has been associated with building regulations languages ​​specialized been developed in artificial intelligence applications is the most important languages ​​lisp language and the language of prolog where it was identified for the initial stage of the project the fifth generation of computers in Japan and tend to descriptive more from being a procedural languages.

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The krl-netl-klone language-dependent semantic networks technique they rely to address information retrieval, and there are many other languages ​​used in computer programs, but the most important in the production of the creation of artificial intelligence are:
Lisp.   · Python.  · Prolog.  · Java.  · C ++.

There are nearly 90% of the creation of artificial intelligence software has programmed using the language Lisp, due to the fact that this language contains features and functions provide for the production of smart programs. The science establishment of a public artificial intelligence is a way of thinking (ie algorithms) how to make the computer solves problems, so the programs and artificial intelligence systems are programmed in any language of programming languages, but there are some custom to write programs and artificial intelligence systems, programming languages, because the facilities The programmer, where the programmer often have data or rather: the process of data representation and the language search. The most famous of these languages: the language of Prolog and Lisp language

A: can be described as familiar programming languages ​​(including .Net) as linear programming languages ​​or Linear Structural procedural or object-oriented Object Oriented.
But there is another kind of programming languages ​​known languages ​​Logical logical programming or languages ​​tariff programming Declarative, and the most famous is the programming Prolog language .. In such languages, information is presented in the form of Facts Facts and rules Rules, and the role of the programming language is the conclusion of new facts of this information .. this is the Prolog Artificial Intelligence language, and when studied in college, I wrote the programs to solve some famous puzzles, such as a charade man who with him carry clover and a goat and a wolf and wants to transit them to the other side of the river using a boat can not carry it with him, but something only one at a time .. and already we got all possibilities to resolve.

But this does not mean that the traditional programming languages ​​can not deal with artificial intelligence programs .. The problem is not in the programming language, but in your definition you of intelligence and how it can be represented .. Among the most famous techniques in the field of neural networks Neural Networks are used to create programs that are gaining experience in a way resemble humans education, and by providing a lot of examples of the program and tell him the correct results, if the progress of the program for many photographs of the faces of men and women, and ask him each time to tell you Is this the face of a man or a woman .. In the training phase, you will have to correct his answer to know when to hit and when a mistake .. Depending on the inputs, outputs and corrections, the program adjusts the neural network transactions to give the best guesses at a time, to become the closest thing right, are ending the learning phase, and begin to use the software effectively.

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The problem of this method is that it can not come close to using precision but many complex neural network transactions and multi-stage, and training needs to be millions of examples and experiences.

There are other more effective way of neural networks, which use statistical methods to represent the intelligent systems, though the statistical methods are not much different from neural networks in terms of procedures .. In this way, it is to examine a large number of samples (such as images or sounds or language sentences) , and analyzed mathematically by complex equations, to characterize each sample a range of values ​​of sport (called Vectors), and then try to find a link that brings together all these samples together through analysis actress values ​​for each of them .. after this is compared to any new sample results we have obtained of the test samples, where you can determine if this new sample is nearby or far from it analysis .. and check this statistical method good results in the identification of images, sounds and analyze the languages ​​and the like .. Perhaps Jojil used this method in a property search for similar images, and so analyzed the colors of each image and the distribution of points where a set of vectors Vectors, and when it requests a search for a similar picture, it analyzes your image as well, and then begin to apply some equations on it and looking at the data for images that have the same results of the analysis base .. This of course makes the search process faster, Vhola actually looking at the pictures, but in the group numbers expressed ..
As I said: All of the above can be done in any language of the Dot Net .. The important thing is: Do you have sufficient knowledge of mathematics, statistics and science systems and methods of audio processing and image in order to write the appropriate software? Certainly it needs to be viewed in many specialized areas such references, not just writing some programming commands.