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Industrial artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Manufacturing

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We are currently on the brink of a new revolution: the revolution that is Artificial Intelligence.Developments within the engineering sector, what does that make you think of? New materials, extensive calculation methods, challenging implementation techniques?
With developments, we often focus on traditional designs, but the development of construction industry where the most benefit is to be gained is you.Since the rise of modern science, a knowledge revolution has taken place. Since that time, the development of calculation methods and new materials has progressed rapidly

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Artificial Intelligence

We are currently on the brink of a new revolution: the revolution that is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning: we hear it everywhere we go.Technologies that still sounded extremely futuristic to me 10 years ago are now becoming reality. There are SpaceX rockets that are able to land again after use and self-learning algorithms that already know that we are depressed before any symptoms start to appear.Which is why, when I think about development in the construction industry, I think about IT. In recent years, the work of an engineer has increasingly shifted from producing images of a shell using pen and paper, to modelling complex structures in a set of final elements. The computer will become an increasingly important part of a constructor’s work.If we return to the topic of Artificial Intelligence, we can see that the high-profile companies in this field – Google, Tesla, SpaceX, Apple – are each working on these developments. If we think about developments in the field of IT within the construction industry, we are thinking about BIM

Opportunities for the construction industry

This is not where the major opportunities for development lie, however. If the construction industry wants to move away from the image that it is developing slowly, we will have to encourage the development ourselves from the bottom up.A significant proportion of our work includes repetition and is simply generating data. This is exactly where the opportunities for development and innovation lie for construction industry.If you spend over 60% of your day sitting behind a PC, it’s worth learning a programming language. We don’t all need to do that, but some of our colleagues should specialise in the connection between computers and technology of construction industry. We need to make that link between programs ourselves
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People aren’t replaceable

I am personally working on innovation in our field by controlling DIANA with programming languages such as Python and C#, by writing software that turns the generation of models, reading and processing of data into a few lines of code. Work that usually takes around two days to complete is being reduced to just two hours.Machines are efficient and productive all as construction industry, but need to be programmed or require large quantities of data in order to work. Let’s not try to be more efficient and more productive than machines; that’s unrealistic. Machines are starting to carry out increasingly more complex tasks